domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Talento artístico y vida laboral

Ahora voy a poner un texto que me ha gustado mucho y me gustaría ponerlo por obra en mi vida, ya que yo he sido una artista que por demasiado tiempo he dejado de pintar por intentar ganarme la vida con otros trabajos, que no tenían nada que ver con las artes, como limpieza y otras cosas. Pensé en trabajar del arte, pero con esto se gana poco dinero y por eso, no le dedico el tiempo que desearía, porque estoy todo el rato con el peso detrás de hacerlo por dinero o conseguir un trabajo de otra cosa. Lo que he pensado es que voy a aprovechar la oportunidad que tengo, ya que mi marido trabaja para poder pagar el alquiler y otras cosas y con lo que yo gano podemos comer, algo justos vamos pero creo que podríamos seguir así un tiempo más. Aunque necesitamos la ayuda del gobierno para la vivienda pronto, espero que nos lo den ya porque si no no podremos pagar el seguro del coche. En fin. Es un texto muy bonito. Es en ingles, así que para los que sepan inglés.

Artists are blessed with their talents!

No wonder why there are so many love stories and love songs! Could it be a sign of a cry out for love! As a matter of fact, love is the source of our existence, well being mental and emotional health. Everything around us was created with so much love, profound thoughts and immense passion. It is only; by love we can perform our best. Unfortunately, it is not the case with the way societies are functioning nowadays! We find that working is a must as out of desperate needs, obligations, and duties or of fear. Obviously, lack of love has caused lack not only in quality-life, human relations but also in arts. Lack of sensitive brush strokes in paintings and lack of musical notes are reflections of lack of love and passion.

Starving for love is the history of human’s problem. Mankind is famished not only to be loved but also to love and emerge in what would not take them to any disappointment. Why does a baby cry when he is well fed, super cleaned and had enough sleep! Physiologists found out that babies are born with starvation for love and for human touch. For that reason, when parents hold or touch their babies, they become at peace, feel loved, secure and keep quite.

It is the case when we fall in love or out of it. When we are in love the brain releases a chemical called phenylethlamine which acts like the prescription drug amphetamine to increase mental alertness and physical energy. When the feeling of love is crashed, our brains are faced with sudden loss of phenylethlamine. Consequently, “The crash that follows a breakup is much like withdrawal” says Dr. Michael Liebowitz of the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He noted that people who break up often crave chocolate which is high in phenylethylamine. Apparently chocolate can keeps us from crying, at least for a while, until next serving!

Do artists starve for the true love and only find it in painting, composing music or writing etc.! I wonder if artists get their phenylethylamine increased by loving what they do! Probably by practicing their art activities they would find satisfaction, peace and avoid frustration in relationships. Thus, can we say that artists are blessed with their imaginations and artistic talents! But why having an art career is a hard path!?

If art/work is love made visible and love is observable art/work. "Love without work is dead as the body without soul is dead" Then, where the idea of work is a hard chore, came from and when the anchor has begun! Could it be the history of slavery behind the scene!? Is it because we work to make living and forget that we were created to enjoy working! Even artists of old had been treated by their maters, as slaves, locked in until they finish their work (paintings) month after month and year after year! Is it the unmerited societies, generation after generation, imposing, pressing, demanding and demeaning workers?

Wouldn't be so wonderful if we could work, enjoy what we choose to do, be productive at it and serve others yet, still find our needs free of financial worries!? Could this be the reason behind the lack of loving what we do!? The fact between reality and love, work and joy! Sadly to mention, that some artists, of whom I am aware, have quitted their artistic careers to make living. Was this lack of love or lack of materials needs!

In painting, artists find their faithful, meaningful and loving world. Yes, musicians play, writers write and artists should paint!

Realizing the abilities of one's self is a step toward expanding one's demonstration of love.

Mona Youssef - Realist fine artist

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